At Kirheim we breed wonderful and lovable Burmese along with beautiful and mischievous Bengals. Kirhiem Burmese and Bengal cattery is located near Whatawhata, just west of Hamilton New Zealand


March 2018

The sad news is that we are no loger breeding at Kirhiem and we will be shutting down the website in the next few weeks. Thank you to everyone that has supported us over the years and a special thanks to everyone that has given a home to any of our beautiful kittens or cats.

A little history:

We began breeding Burmese in 1989 and Bengals in 1998. We are now semi-retired and currently live on a lifestyle block in Whatawhata, west of Hamilton. We own a few calves, a retired pacer 'Rymish', a miniature mare 'Tabertha' and her foal 'Peppy'. An elderly German Shepherd 'Greta' , a naughty Miniature Schnauzer 'Baxter' and 'Bart' our Sulfer Crested Cockatoo complete the brood.

Our breeding of Burmese began with the adored Rendara Seal Selina. This wonderful Burmese was my soul mate for 19 years and inspired my love of these magnificent cats.

During this time I imported a friendly natured seal boy from England named Tasstia Bertie Brown. Later I purchased two females that had travelled with him and were initially intended for another breeder. The first was named Mickadnna Sweet Passion (Kiri), a beautiful seal with an excellent temperament, and the other was a chocolate, Brungeru Dresden Doll kitten resulting from the UK mating of Typha Plush Velvet and Kathima Taffita Tulip. Dolly (as she was known) produced our first NZ Cat Fancy Award winner Kirheim Maidtolove. Many of our Burmese are related to these very special imports.

Bertie Brown, Kiri and Dolly have now passed away but many of their progeny are carrying on from them and will too, live out their days receiving lots of love and special care.

We also imported a seal boy Burwyck Balthazar (Taz) from Australia. He has produced many top show winners along with the English girls. Taz has now reached retirement so I have kept his son Kirheim Final Edition (Buster). Buster's mother is Kirheim Maidtolove. Aust Ch Boyagarrie Rastaman (Rasta) was our final import, he is a big beautiful seal boy also imported from Australia.

We hope you will enjoy meeting with us