My first Bengal was Jagsun Bravado, who was imported from Heather Field in Australia. He soon became a double grand champion. He has an awesome presence, similar to those you can identify in many of the big cats, which is what draws me to the Bengals. It can be like owning a leopard. Bengals are more independent than the Burmese, though like most animals they enjoy the company of a playmate or someone to cuddle up to when we are not around. They are extremely intelligent, very playful, enjoy water. They love to carry their favourite toy around, drop it in their water bowl or get you to play fetch with it. Unlike the Burmese, Bengals feel the heat and like to sleep on a cool tile floor or somewhere out of the sun such as in the shade of a tree.

Be aware Bengals need lots of space outdoors to climb and explore in safety. They are best suited to country homes or homes with large sections with lots of mature trees and shrubs. If you are near roads and your section is not well fenced then to keep them safe a large outdoor run is a very good option.

Also, Bengals are affectionate but like their feet on the ground. They may sit at you feet or beside you, and sometimes in your lap if it suits them. They are very easy to train, with just the tone in you voice being enough. Bengal kittens are de-sexed before going to their new homes and are ready to leave aged 14 - 16 weeks.

Our Breeding Bengals

Bravado was my main stud but sadly  he passed away June 2009 suddenly with cancer.

There will be a new Bengal stud arriving Early April and I am sure he will carry on producing for us superb Bengal kittens with outstanding colour, patterns and temperaments.