Kirheim Burmese are available in four colours: seal, chocolate, lilac and blue.

Burmese are very affectionate and thrive on company. Thus, a companion kitten is recommended for Burmese living in working households. First preference is given to new owners who already have another cat or want a pair of kittens.

Burmese will give you unconditional love and like nothing better than to snuggle up in your arms or in your bed. They are energetic and playful even in old age. Burmese tend to feel the cold so you may often find them under a duvet or in the hot water cupboard. Most importantly, they get on well with other cats and dogs.

A Very Special Boy - Kirhiem Buccaneer, otherwise known as Zephyr.

ZephyrOne of our Burmese kittens recently turned 22 and we receved this lovely letter from Joan and Roger Petersen.

Hi Mum.

It's Zephyr (Bucaneer) again. My staff tell me I am now 22 years old tomorrow morning, and I am still looking as handsome as ever - hardly any grey hairs, not like some of my younger colleagues - especially my two cousins in Melbourne. My personal vet staff member Doctor Sean says that I am looking pretty good, and I still leap from couch to couch so I can make the kitchen bench to wait for food in the morning before my staff get up to attend to my needs. I eat well - chicken tenderloins, different tastes of Fancy Feast, and staff leftover offerings. (I am pretty good at demanding morsels from their plates).

ZephyrI sleep on my couch on my special mohair rug that my staff mother knitted for me years ago. When visitors arrive and sit in 'my' place, I let them know it is definitely 'my' place, and I tell them that they have to shift. I am in complete control over these interlopers.
You may want to update my space on your website. I like to skite about my internet fame to my two cousins who are not yet famous.

I'll drop you a line on my next birthday.

Lots of miaows and purrs,
your loving son, Zeph.

How wonderful for Joan & Roger Petersen being able to share their lives for so long with this special boy. Keep good health   "Zephyr"

Please let us know if you would like one of our lovely Burmese kittens in your life.